Earn a total of 20 hours of Professional Development Points (PACFA and AHA approved)


Replenish Soulful Retreats for Therapists has been recognised and approved by PACFA and AHA to accrue your yearly professional development points. So, in addition to the benefits of taking time out for you, connecting with other like-minded therapists, relaxing, having fun and immersing yourself in the luxurious and peaceful surrounds of Noonaweena, you will also gain 20 accredited Professional Development Points through both PACFA and AHA. 


Attain a Foundation Certificate in Resource Therapy

As a special offer, your retreat package entitles you to the “no cost” opportunity to gain a Foundation Certificate in Resource Therapy. Although this training normally carries a cost of $500.00, when you choose to complete the foundation course in Resource Therapy as part of your attendance at Replenish Soulful Retreats for Therapists, you will acquire this qualification at no extra charge.  


This inclusive training in the program is designed to introduce you to work with Resource States and provide you with skills, so you can begin applying some Resource State techniques with your clients. 


Spread throughout the retreat will be opportunities to learn the basics of this powerful and transformational therapy. This training is practical and interactive and we will provide you with immediate and effective techniques for resourcing your clients. These techniques will include presentation of the basic principles of Resource Therapy, discussion, demonstrations, as well as opportunity to practice.


What is Resource Therapy and how will my clients benefit from this therapy?

Resource Therapy was developed by Professor Gordon Emmerson combining his knowledge of psychology, advanced ego state therapy and his life work.


Resource Therapy very much aligns with Gestalt Therapy insomuch as it is based on the individual being made up of different parts and works towards integration of these parts. In Resource Therapy, these parts are called our Resources. We all have many inner Resources available to support us.


Often you will hear people say things like ‘there is a part of me that wants to do --- and there is another part that does not want to ----. An example of this might be the part that wants to move forward and be motivated and there is another part that cannot be bothered.


The Pixar movie, ‘Inside Out’ is a very clever movie which gives us a lovely example of how sometimes one part can ‘take over’ and how all parts are necessary and have a role.


Using the metaphor of a bus and in that bus we have all of our different parts – the happy part, sad part, angry part, motivated part, fearful part etc, often due to life circumstances, one part, perhaps being the fearful or anxious part, gets into the driver’s seat and takes over.


Resource therapy allows you to work with your client with that unwanted part (example, fear or anxiety) and support that part by bringing awareness onto the fact that part longer needs to hold onto whatever caused it to initially feel that way.


This is a very empowering process for your client, as they can negotiate a more useful role for that part as well as bringing into awareness other underutilised parts that can be supportive, for example, the more trusting or calm part.


Some of the benefits of offering Resource Therapy to your clients will be:

  • Build awareness

  • Feel more integrated

  • Feel more able to self support and regulate emotions

  • Heal early trauma and wounds without being retraumatised.

  • Feel transformedFeel more balanced

  • Feel more connected with yourself

  • Gain more acceptance of the different parts of you


Resource Therapy is a powerful, safe, direct and effective form of therapy which can support your client to resolve behavioural issues in a fraction of the time compared most other therapies.


Overview of what you will learn about Resource Therapy as part of Replenish Soulful Retreats for Therapists 


During the retreat you will gain the following information, as well as receiving your Foundation Certificate in Resource Therapy:


  • Brief History of Resource Therapy

  • Nature of Resource States and their formation

  • The Neurophysiology and Development of  Resources

  • Conscious and Unconscious states- The Executive State, Surface and Underlying States

  • The Resource Conditions - Normal, Vaded, Retro, Conflicted and Dissonant states

  • How to introduce Resource State Therapy to your client

  • How  to access Resource States - Vivify and Bridging techniques

  • Learn how to work with and gain confidence in communicating with the various  States

  • State negotiation – learn ways to address and negotiate between the different Resource States

  • Types of questions to ask and note taking

  • How to use two chair technique when working with conflicted states


You will also gain valuable techniques on how to work with reluctant clients and how to deal with difficult or resistant Resource States.

To become a fully qualified Clinical Resource Therapist, the Foundation training is a prerequisite for the additional 8 days of training.


For further information on Resource Therapy, please see the following links:


Guest facilitator - Phillip Oldfield 

As part of the 20 hours of PACFA and AHA approved Professional Development Points, we are also excited and very grateful to have Gestalt Psychotherapist, Phil Oldfield , who will be facilitating and teaching practical information and skills on:


  • How to incorporate Meditation and Mindfulness in the clinical practice
  • Gestalt approach to working with phenomenology and awareness
  • Working from a Field perspective
  • Facilitating a process group which will include empty chair work or experiential exercises





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